About Us


Aphrodesia is musical band which consists of 11 members

It was created in year 2003 and we immediately recorded our first album in the same year under the great and amazing record company. Since Aphrodisia Band was established, everything has been quite a ride. We travelled to the Legendary Shrine of Lagos, Nigeria and made a cross-country voters registration tour using our vegetable oil powered bus in 2004. We received strong praise everywhere from the national public to listeners of American radios.

Through it all, our band members have won the heart of our audiences with our electric, unique sounds and slamming horn-laden poly rhythmic funk. Aphrodesia Band members are admirers of African style such as Afro beats. Consisting of 11 members, the group decided to spend a month living in Ghana to perform in the year 2006. We are in the process of journeying through Togo and Benin to Nigeria to perform at the shrine with the amazing group of Femi Kuti. Their sounds has always included of a touch of funk, hip-hop and Zimbabwean trance.

The band’s second album was immediately recorded and already generated a buzz even we didn’t release it immediately. As soon it was released, it was featured in the National Radio Station. Our album was also reviewed ecstatically by outlets from Global Rhythm Magazine to another famous review website.

Furthermore, the Aphrodesia band is not only committing in music, we also extend our commitments in our advocacies. Through our music we know that we can do better and help the organization. We believe that you can do it too as well. You can support too, by coming to our regular shows and listening to our music. It’s just a small action but a huge help to support the organization in our advocacy.

Thank you for your time!