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Afrobeat, Afrofunk will be the music of tomorrow.

Afrobeat is a music genre which originated in Ghana and Nigeria. It was developed in the 70’s era with the combination of West African music style such as juju music, American funk, jazz and a lot more with a focus on chant vocals and percussion.

A respected person who create Afrobeat is Fela Kuti known for being the father of Afrobeat music. He produced almost 50 albums of politically conscious music that enraged the Nigerian government. That’s the way Afro beat was introduced around the world.

A lot of indie musicians perform the Afro beat music. They dare to step out of the mainstream to introduce only the freshest music to their listeners. They have so much confidence in the music that they aren’t afraid to challenge the expectations of club crowds. The musicians are doing a lot of effort to give us more rare groovy tunes from the 60’s and 70’s Cuban music era. Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of any of these musicians before, but you’ll surely recognize the funk that’s in every song. It’s crazy how powerful music is, despite the hindrances, you can hear how Cuban music was being influenced by some other rock bands. As a result, we get some of the most electrifyingly funky Cuban music we’ve ever heard. In some radio stations, music places, bars etc., you’ll hear some of Afro beat’s music. We get and experience the explosive trumpets, an organ, percussion and a smooth African-Cuban feel on the drums with a touch of vocal chanting.

As of now, more and more music makers use the Afro beat genre. I hope that this will continue and the time will come for the Afro beat to be on top of the music industry.

Go and support Afro beat music and let it be heard by many.