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The Aphrodesia Band performs and uses Afro beats as a backbone but also draws on Afro-Cuban music, Ghanaian Highlife, and jazz. We pay tribute to the original creator of Afro beat, Fela Kuti. But not only that, the Aphrodesia Band seeks to create original music with a diverse set of influences.

Absolutely not, we do musical shows in every town, we support our organization through our music. We just want to support our organization in our own little ways.

We were all born and raised in San Francisco, New York City but our lead female singer lived in Cuba for years to study traditional Afro-Cuban music.

Our schedule of shows are usually posted here in this Aphrodesia website. Tickets are also available here and in the venues of our shows. If you want to buy tickets online, you just need to tap the buy ticket button and follow the payment process.

Absolutely, we highly appreciate it if you will invite us to perform in the said occasions. The Aphrodesia Band is willing to accept your invitation if you want us to. In case you want our services, kindly message us through our email account located in the contact section of this website.

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