Just Vote Tour Diary

(San Francisco, CA, Wednesday, September 15th)
Heading Home Again...

It wouldn't be a real Aphrodesia tour if we didn't break down on the way back, so after a night of celebrating the end of the Just Vote Tour in Salt Lake City, we make it partway across the Salt Flats or whatever you want to call miles of nothing as far as you can see, to lovely Elko, Nevada, where an attempt to strengthen the breaks for the trip over the Sierras cuts the electrical system in the parking lot of a credit union and deposits us room 227 at the Oak Tree Inn (no oaks, no trees, just an inn...), where we bemoan the fact that we're one exit past the bowling alley further up route 80 while cooking spaghetti on a camp stove (illegal? must be) and watching Comedy Central. We're getting good, or maybe just used to, breaking down, because no one is particularly freaked out to be spending what was supposed to be our first night back in SF packed into motel room beds for only the second night of the entire Just Vote Tour (amazing but true). Likewise, no one seems surprised the next day when the local mechanic informs us we put the break fluid in the wrong compartment and it would've been a pretty simple fix. Or maybe we're just too tired to care anymore.

I Can't Wait to be Heading Home Again...

In any case, we're on the road by noon, across yet another empty stretch of America where there's no one to register to vote, no one to care that we're not powered by fossil fuel conglomerates and no one to care about the politics of being a white afrobeat band. Except us, the seven of us who haven't flown home from Salt Lake or stayed in Boulder or New York, who listen to Ween and Public Enemy and Blue Oyster Cult yet again and wonder whether any of this month actually happened or was this just the answer to someone's drunken cocktail napkin sketch supposing what would happen if a band set off across country trying to make a difference in places it had never been before?


(Somewhere in Wyoming, heading to Salt Lake City, Saturday, September 11)

Blowing Off Steam, Day 29-Style

After the show in Iowa we stand on the street by an alleyway where we suck up veggie oil from a big tub in back of a Chinese restaurant and play the part of vegetable oil evangelists for the frat boys and sorority girls who stream out of the bars near campus after last call. Nicole stands on the street in full Marilyn blonde wig extravaganza berating a car full of bling-bling wearing college kids for being slaves to big oil, then convinces a pair of wasted co-eds that yes, that's totally her real hair. We wish our camera wasn't out of batteries. Yet another all-night drive gets us to the Boulder Theater, where the String Cheese Incident and Motet guys who make up the Meeting of the Minds band are not only fantastic but have also learned Fela's "Zombie" so that we can sit in with them- when we do someone counts 22 of us on stage at once.